Table of Content

Series 1

Can Man

Stupid Haircut

Grace Withers



Series 2


Muito Bom

Mr. Smiley Face Lives Here


Cottage Cheese

Series 3

Huge Stinky

My Big Buck

Day Reckoning


Jesus in Jail

Series 4

Wounded Dear


Deep Water

Nothing Good Happened

Snoring In the Pews

Series 5

Anxiously Awaiting Ozzie Osborne

Sunday Morning Hezikiah

Before Rent To Own

His Three Hour Journey

Suspicious Situation

Series 6


Tempered Soul

Truth or Conequences

The Hug


Series 7

How Do You Spell Pretty

Awesome God

Don't Talk To Me About God

God's Busy

Even An Angel

Series 8

Im a Professional Backslider

Is Hell Hope?

The Love Letter

Who Cares If He Drowns

The Teeter Doesn't Totter

Series 9

Raw Grief


5:55 Diet Part 1

The Guitar Legend Speaks

Your Testimony

Series 10

The End, End

Big Change

Bad Luck

Do You Think You're a Good Person?

The Dreaded

Series 11

Vegas Isn't Working Out


Sundays Are Awesome

Foolishness or Power?

Earl and Arnold

Series 12

We Need To Get This

The Ride of Your Life

Roadmaster--Junk or Jewel?

We Kill People

I Thought I Was a Bum

Series 13

Death In the House

A Day

Leftover Meatloaf



Series 14

Don't Cry For Moses

Make Jesus Happy

Lucky's Donut

Bible--By Cliff

First Communion

Series 15

A Kernel of Wheat Falls

Salty Words

Restoration Project

The Millionaire's Daughter

Speed, God Loves You

Series 16


Mad Face

How Does My Hair Look?

You Called God Awesome

Is this person God’s Miracle

Series 17

Many Paths?

Jump To God

A Friendship Spiraling Toward Meaningless

Turn a Life Around

A Message From God

Series 18

What Are You Collecting?

Faith Journey

Free Hot Sauce...

God Got My Attention

What Gang Are You In?

Series 19


High On the Music

Church of Tears

Give Secretly; Receive God's Reward

Preach To the Hungry

Series 20

Facing the Giants

Picture This

The Thunder of God's Power

Does God Want You To Be Rich?


Series 21

Job-Securing Resume


My Girlfriend or God

Kissing the Cat

The Right Bounce

Series 22

Faith to Fly

Is My Mom Dying?

What's Your Number

Let's Fight

The Religious Urge

Series 23

Ouch...I Felt Like Crying

Cutting Depression

Arguing About Jesus

Too Far to Drive for God

How to Get Ten Dollars

Series 24

A Sizeable Five-Word Prayer

Who's Ruining My Life?

A Lesson in Prayer Walking

Is There Cappaccino in Heaven?

The Pink-Shoed Apostle

Series 25

Church Sprint

Seeking God For Life Direction

Making a Move For God

Kay's Cards

Oh What Do I Deserve?

Series 26

We Brainwash Children

God Heals With a Can of Tuna

Will Work For Faith

Anti-Stupid Solution

Do You Need a Wet Spot?

Series 27

Called Out

Is This Spiritual?

Scorched Cornfield Praise

Is the Revival Train Coming?

Your Choice--Ten Dollars or Heaven

Series 28

The Water Before Baptism

Church Fun

The Raccoon That Loved Me

Harry Gets Saved. Part 1

Who's a Missionary?

Series 29

Money, Money, Money

No Friend

High-Fiving the Blesser

What...How...Where... ?

I'm Addicted

Series 30

Mercy Kissed

Serving God--Your Way

Healing By a Dime

Un-rotten World

Do Turkeys Speak?

Series 31

No Hope...Here's Hope

Are You an Unsalted Surfer?

Miracle Grandma

Serving God and Failing?

Jesus' New Commandment

Series 32


Is Your Work Glorifying God?

The Church Bit

Sin, Sin. Sin...Sin. Sin

The Apostle of Sawdust

Series 33

Is Jesus Returning in 2012?

Decide to Be Great

Thin-Soup Christians

The Christian Man Team

Daniel's Song

Series 34


Choose One. The Heart or the Bible?

Why is God Doing This to Me?

Free Won't

Twelve Year Old Pickles

Series 35

Lazy--One, Two, Three

Splash Mouth

The Good Revival

The Atheist Who Despised Me

The Good Temptation?

Series 36

I'm a Bum

My Bicyle Riding Hero

The Answer? The Question?

Hanging, Hanging, Hanging...In There

Expect God's Goodness

Series 37

Fragile Economy Takes Toll?

Can Man Too

Becoming a Christian--But Not Here

Crying Out to God

Harry Gets Saved. Part 2

Series 38

The Simple, Easy Great-Marriage Plan

I Disappeared

Completing Your Doctor Of Theology Degree

Your Dream Retirement

What Door Are You Opening?

Series 39

Stamped on Steel

Praying for Gas

Dump Disagreeing

Oozing Money

I'm a Wimp

Series 40

Fan Frenzy

The Nice: "No"

Vein Repetition

The Fear Letter

When Jeus Died Again

Series 41

Malachi Wants Marbles

Is Your Rest Work?

Let Me Give You the Wrong Answer

Jesus at Wal-Mart

Credit for Your Account

Series 42

One Needs the Other

When You Get Up Off the Floor

Theology Check

Giving Jesus a Try

Don’t Ignore Andrew

Series 43

Firing the Boss

God's Door, Window, or Chimney

God's Providence

Jesus--Another Dude

Giving to the Worthy Poor